Ralph’s Corner Bar Swag. Get some!

The Ralph’s Corner Swag Emporium is live and ready to roll. Visit the store to get your Ralph’s Corner swag fix with some great stickers, hats, buttons, patches etc., perfect for aging Moorhead and/or Fargo hipsters.

More swag to come! Looking for a particular piece of swag? Let us know!

Use code 10BUTTONS to get $5 off any purchase of 10 buttons and/or stickers!!!

Ralph’s Corner Flyer Gallery

Check them out

A bunch of fun merch is coming

Stickers, buttons, patches, and possibly more will make their debut at this years Fargo Record Fair. Some of the items are going to be small first runs to gauge interest so if you really want your 3” embroidered Ralph’s sign we suggest you get there early.

A few days after the Fargo Record Fair we will start selling items via this site.

Help us create a database of the bands you saw at Ralph’s Corner

Do you have Rain Man like powers and remember every band you ever saw at our beloved corner? Maybe you collected flyers every show you went to. Please fill out our simple form to start building the list of bands and we will shortly have a page in super fantastic alphabetical order. Or maybe chronological. Or entirely random.

But whatever, just start submitting bands.

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